log cabin home

Log house style is the other popular house style that offer comfortable ambience. This house style can be found easily in rural area. However, sometimes people just build this house style in order to feel living in a tranquil place like mountain or village. Most of log houses allocate one or more parts of the […]

floor plans for

How to make floor plans for narrow lots which mostly cause so many problems? This time, we are about to find out how to make your narrow lots become pretty much useful to build a house. The key to make the narrow lots work is that you have to use every single space available. For […]

one story house plan

One story house always the best, because it’s usually has a wide size, so there are many rooms there. If you and your spouse already decide to build or buy any house, consider to look some one story houses out there. In this article, we want to share our one story floor plans, especially for […]

multi unit floor plans

Are you planning to buy or build a new home? Buying a home so it became the perfect solution because you do not require deeper thought and difficult. However, for some people to design a new home is a big dream in family life. So when you have this plan then comes up with multi […]

bathroom floor plans

ADA is the Americans with Dissabilities act. This is an action to support disabilities so that they can still have an access in public spaces. You should definitely consider about this when you are making bathroom. It is because bathroom is very essential in the public place and everyone will need it whenever they want. […]

floor plans with walkout basements

When you want to build a house, the first thing you should consider is about the basement. Basement becomes the vital thing for your house since it is the foundation itself. However, you can make your basement optimal enough by using the space in it to build new room. Generally, people chose to make basement […]