maronda homes

Maronda homes are popular with its affordable prices. They build house for just a single family sized home. However, for you who want to build a single family home with quite wide rooms, they also offer many kind of home sizes. Besides, you can personalize your home design so that you can have an affordable […]

lake home designs

Lake Cabin floor plans are used to make your home closed to the natural being. If you are a natural addict, this house type is the perfect choice for you. Using lake cabin floor plans to create the outdoor living space helps you to maintain the beauty of your house itself. The open living space […]

open floor plan

The modern house planning grows better. The open floor house plans include in the popular modern house plans in this era. The open floor plan for house becomes alternative people who want to have spacious room and integrate some different room into a multifunctional big room. The open floor house plans are different with the […]

small apartment plans

Having a small apartment does not mean that you can enjoy a great life. A small apartment may offer you with comfort if you have it with the right small apartment floor plans. If you choose the right lay out, your small apartment will seems larger than it is. When you are choosing or planning […]

narrow lot

With the land existence more and more small, the house that is built also need adjustment. Moreover if you intend to have a house near the center of town, you should prepare narrow lot floor plans for dealing with the availability of house space. These plans should be able to make the space available more […]

school food court

As one of the important institutions in the world, many nations try to increase their school numbers. There are some large schools and also small schools as well. In this article, we want to share to you some tips about school floor plans, especially about how to build an efficient school in a narrow land. […]