cafe awning curtains

Cafe curtains are basically the cloth coverings of windows with a distinctive feature of being hung right on the curtain rods across the middle section of the glass instead of the top part of the window. The use of this particular type of curtain is even combined with its own pair for the top section […]

autumn cubicle decorations

Home decorating is one of the best activities that we can do with our family. Choosing so many house decorations among the choices we see on store is truly one of a kind. Usually, house decorations are chosen according to the design and the room theme that will be applied in the room. The right […]

best curtains for french doors

Typical French doors are two sided and made from glasses, which are needed curtains on it. Without those curtains, your house probably will be just invisible from the outside and it would be a bit creepy. Besides the safety-security reasons, the right choice of the Curtains for French Doors will certainly makes your house prettier. […]

contemporary furniture design

Contemporary furniture can be one of the good things that you can choose to beautify your house and of course with adding this kind of furniture you will make your house looks really different than before. so if you want to make your house bring the new different atmosphere without needing you do some hard […]

wooden curtain rods accessories

When thinking about the application of the curtain, you will deal with the application of the rods also. We should tell you that the additional design of the rods will be in the high difference of the price. It means that the complicated design of the curtain ideas with the rods will be so expensive. […]

curtain tie backs amazon

Curtains are usually made ​​of cloth, requires a special tool that will help it stay neat when opened. The tool is often called by the name of curtain tie backs, which will bind curtains on the outside of the window so that it can open. The curtains were open position will provide wider access to […]