Maintaining a Kitchen Aid Blender

A Kitchen Aid blender is usually the pride of the kitchen in the house of any cook, not only because it is almost essential for foodies and bakers but also quite expensive. It is human nature that we want to take care of things, even a mixer. However, outside of routine cleaning you should not attempt to service your account by a blender Kitchen Aid.

kitchenaid architect blender

Kitchenaid Architect Blender

  1. Maintenance in a professional shop

A Kitchen Aid blender should not be serviced or repaired at home is used as a complicated engine that should be handled by professionals, which is similar to an automobile. To work properly, internal brushes must be kept lubricated and, being a machine that is lubricated by it should work fine without the need for frequent maintenance. If your mixer fails, take her to where you bought it, but better to a certified repair center. To locate one, contact the vendor who sold you your mixer.

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  1. Keep It Clean

The only type of maintenance must personally give your Kitchen Aid blender is keeping it clean. Although cleaning does not affect the general operation of the blender, it is advisable to keep the machine clean and attachments for culinary and sanitary reasons. Before cleaning, disconnect the machine remembers. Never submerge in water; use a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning. Attachments and bowls can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher. Remember to clean the insertion site of the beaters, as they often accumulate waste on this site.

  1. Do not disassemble

No matter what the problem with your machine, not disarmament. This can make things worse by damaging it more. Only one professional at an authorized service center should. Unless failing, your blender does not need regular maintenance, but eventually all blenders (depending on use) will need a replacement internal brushes. Again, this service should be done only by a professional authorized.

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