Making front crystal cabinets

Cabinets with wood front revive whenever you replace some wood for crystal. Even old crystal cabinets look classy showing its contents. The procedure is simple enough, provided you could have some basic tools and also a hardware store nearby to chop the crystal; you are able to transform your kitchen in one day to one other. Cabinet doors more easily converted to crystal panels are, either raised or flat.

crystal cabinets accessories

Crystal Cabinets Accessories


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Crystal Cabinets Accessories


– Remove the door base cabinet by removing the hinges. Designing door as the knob or handle so that the door is flat on the surface. Keep accessories to replace them more lately.

– Remove the door panel of the crystal cabinets. Removed method depends on the way in which the door is made, but is usually between the frame panels and glued in place. If this is the case, use a knife to cut the adhesive. You might have to cut the edge of the wood from the bottom holding the panel in place. Make a straight cut using a straight edge, being careful not to damage the frame.

– Measure the width and height of the opening for the crystals panel and asks how many panels you need for a mad crystal cabinets hardware. Round the measurement down to the eighth of an inch (0.3 cm) more close. Measure each door separately, and then scores the width and height to order. Order a crystal of one-eighth inch wide (0.3 cm).

– Place the crystal in the opening at the rear of the cabinet door to make sure you enter. Remove it and apply some clear silicone around the edge of the opening. Place the crystal in place, gently pressing and centering on the opening.

– Crystal places the fastener on the doorframe, by screwing into place with the drill. Place two at the base and at least two on each side, with one in the center of the top.

– Replace the accessories on the cabinet door and place the hinges to the cabinet base. Close the door and enjoy a clear view of your crystal cabinets.

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