home layout plans

Mansion home style is suitable for those who want to taste the maximum luxury at home. With the big land and big space rooms design, Mansion home style enables you to have your own kingdom. There are so many designs you can have with Mega Mansion home floor plans. It enables you to have actually […]

Living in New York City would be fun and interesting with the luxurious city night. Mercedes Homes in New York City was built in the modern area which offers a stylish and modern living style. It is an apartment which has modern and stylish rooms inside. For you who want to taste modernity yet luxury […]

micro homes

Micro homes are homes are homes which have limited width. The width of the homes is less than 1,000 square feet. Micro homes can be found in many areas, such as vacation areas. It is used as a cottage or guest house. Besides, It also become the place to rest for people who already have […]

one story open concept floor plans

Innovative floor plans for the one story open floor will be varied. One story open floor plans is ideally designed with several rooms with its functions. It starts with the great room and master bedroom followed by ceiling, fireplace, and also bookshelves as the entertaining corner at your house. Split bedrooms plans are also possible […]

jelly cabinet antique

The simple design of the first canned jelly cabinet can add a rustic charm to any room inside your home. While its intended use is for a kitchen or pantry, the closet can provide additional storage space in a home office, a living room or a bedroom. An antique cabinet canning is also a good […]

white platform bedroom sets

White is the basic color which is liked much by someone because the color can be combined with other colors. A room that uses white bedroom furniture can look very elegant, comfortable and cool. White color found in some furniture can provide a calming atmosphere in a bedroom. It can make the room owner can […]