The Amazing Versatility of a Platform Bed

The platform bed was considered to be modern and thus different houses designs avoid using them. However, as the bed has proved to be very comfortable and stylish, it is not available in different designs as well as features. If compared to the standard bed, the platform one is generally lower in height. Because of this simple detail, the platform can make the bedroom appear more spacious and larger.

black platform bed

Black Platform Bed

You should consider the platform bed if you are looking for a bed that may suit your needs. There are numerous reasons why it is the one that you need to choose. The bed is easy to fit in to the room even when the room has been furnished beforehand. This is because the bed is available in different sizes and different styles. Although most of the bed is made of wood, but there are also different materials that you can choose from.

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Black Platform Bed

Contemporary Platform Beds

Full Size Platform Bed

King Platform Bed

Leather Platform Bed

Low Platform Bed

Mattress For Platform Bed

Modern Platform Bed

Platform Bed Frame

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Platform Bed With Storage

Queen Platform Bed

Simple Platform Bed

Twin Platform Bed

White Platform Bed

Wood Platform Bed


The platform bed does not use the box spring and because of this, you do not need to worry about problems such as squeaky or popped springs that will need to be fixed and maintain. And because it does not use the box spring, it can also be more economical than the other types. As for the weight, without the spring, it is considerably lighter and therefore it is easier to move around. This will certainly be a great feature for those of you who like to redecorate the room or is living on rental properties and have to move in a year or two.

Even though the platform bed is low, but many of those are designed with drawers underneath it. These drawers will be very useful for extra storage to avoid clutters. They can even serve the needs of bed cover and bed linen storage. Some other designs are using the storage boxes as well as shelving units which are equipped with sliding doors.

Because of the storage system placed underneath the platform bed, there would be no room left under the bed that may be harmful for those with allergy irritants. After all, this space can easily be so dusty but difficult to clean. For those who have pets, especially cats, the cats can find this area as their hiding place, thus they will also contribute to the dirt underneath the bed that can be so hard to reach while cleaning. After all, the cat’s hairs can be dangerous.